Super Duper

[Written by Human] MySuperDuperWebsite is my playground for Experimenting with No-Code, Low-Code, and Generative AI Tools. It’s not meant to be perfect nor polished. All you need to know when navigating this page is …

… When a paragraph starts with [Written by Human] it means that a real person, usually Dario, wrote it.

… When a paragraph starts with [Written by AI] the text has been generated by a AI tools like ChatGTP or Gemini (formerly known as Bard)

Step by step

Dice & Guitar

Learn how to play the guitar with this simple game. Roll the dice and play the rhytm

Dandelion vs Winds

Who will win? Play this simple web game and find out how difficult it is.

Flop the Bird

AI made floppy bird. Or Floppy Block

Formula 1 by AI

AI Generate images from the world of Formula one

Simple things built with generative AI